After completing the first half of my marketing plan with my group, I have discovered many things about myself, my group members and correlations between this class and my other classes.


Upon receiving the feedback from our project submission I noticed that my group really needs to focus on the part of our project that addresses the growth and trends of the market. While putting together my own version of the marketing analysis mental model, the importance of knowing the market attributes became noticeable to me. In the beginning I had forgotten to include this element in my mental model and I found that I could not move through the rest of my model without that element. This little slip up in my process allowed me to see the first hand importance of knowing the market that a product is entering into. After completing the mental model I have personally placed more importance on analyzing the market and will encourage my group to look deeper into the market analysis that is affiliarted with iProjector through researching further into Apple.

Opportunities to Become Stronger

The main connection that I have benefited from in this course so far is how this blog has better helped me understand the concepts and their application to the product that my team members and I are formulating the marketing plan on. Going into depth about some of the specific topics like the marketing mix and value proposition, it became apparent to me that my group members and I have a lot of room to strengthen our analysis. Additionally, my blog entry on competitor analysis, led me to an “aha” moment when it comes to furthering the analysis of iPorjector’s competitors and how our product can be improved in order to set it apart from the rest of the competition. Furthering our analysis of the competition as a group, with different and diverse perspectives, will lead to a better explanation for our consumers and those reading our plan.


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