As I previously stated in my About Me tab, my future plans in life are to open my own store front bakery, Sweet Erwyn’s Baked Goods. After taking this class I have developed a more well-rounded understanding of what I will need to do in order to properly establish and market my company and its products.

Brands and Branding

Developing an appropriate brand for a company is the first step in insuring success. With my future venture I need to develop a brand that communicates my vision, while at the same time appealing to my customers. I hope that consumers have the following perceptions about my brand:

  1. Differentiation- Sweet Erwyn’s stands out from other bakeries because it is a brand that does not center its product to one specific item or food fad. Sweet Erwyn’s will create the image of creating homemade, hearty, yet satisfyingly sophisticated baked goods for consumers.
  2. Relevance- My brand will be extremely relevant as it will not only meet consumers needs, but will exceed them. Rather than only producing a specific product, the Sweet Erwyn’s company will produce a wide array of products and be flexible in meeting any need that arises for a consumer.
  3. Knowledge- I am in the process of spreading brand knowledge as I am using word-of-mouth advertising to allow consumers to inquire about Sweet Erwyn’s Baked Goods and the products that it will offer. I am increasing knowledge by updating a Facebook Fan Page, creating a blog, baking the desserts for a restaurant in my town, and telling my peers about my hopes for the company.
  4. Esteem- When thinking about Sweet Erwyn’s it is my goal that consumers will be filled with joy and a feeling of being comforted, but at a sophisticated level. Consumers will feel as though they can trust Sweet Erwyn’s and that the company is a part of their family or everyday lives.

Selecting a Target Market

Prior to enrolling in a marketing class I assumed that my target market was anyone and everyone, because who doesn’t enjoy a baked good from time to time? That initial thought was completely wrong. After taking this class and going over the process of selecting a target market through the iProjector Market Plan and countless class discussions, it was obvious that I will need to identify a specific target market that I can market to. With some thought I can almost positively say that I will not be marketing my products to catch the interest of college students. College students have a very minimal disposable income and typically do not have the appreciation for good food that the older generations have. Also, I feel that selecting a young target audience will create a fad or trend style  with my company that I want to avoid. Instead I feel as though I should select an older and more sophisticated target audience that will appreciate the refined, and hearty home cooked feeling that my products will convey.

New Product Development

The marketing concept that applies to my favorite aspect of my future career is new product development. As I hope to open a bakery, the just of my new product development comes from countless hours of testing recipes and practicing techniques. most of my new products develop front he request of a customer or a rough mock up drawing of ideas that pop into my head. This step requires a large investment as it takes both time and money to get recipes and create a new baked good. Once the elements are put together and the product satisfies my own standards, it must be approved by a diverse group of testers who represent the different tastes of my target audience. Below is one of Sweet Erwyn’s latest product development stages laid out in pictures (recipes cannot be included as they are deemed “secret” and essential in maintaining a competitive advantage):

Dutch Apple Pie and Apple Hand Pie Product Development

Step 1, The Crust:

The first step in making a successful pie is developing a sturdy, yet flaky and buttery crust. After testing countless recipes I settled on the perfect Pate Brisee recipe to use for my fruit based pies as pictured in the raw state below, before the blind baking process.

Pate Brisee Pie Crust

Pate Brisee Pie Crust

Step 2, The Filling:

After developing the perfect pie crust, I had to develop the best pie filling that would not be overshadowed by the crust. When forming a pie filling it is important to make sure that the filling has enough flavor but the taste and integrity of the fruit is not sacrificed. Many trials were overpowered by brown sugar or cinnamon, until I mixed several recipes together and found the right combination.

Apple Pie Filling

Apple Pie Filling

Step 3, Filling the Pie

After blind-baking the crust, the perfect filling must be put into the perfect crust. When filling a fruit pie it is important to remember that more is better. In the cooking process the fruit will give off its moisture making it shrink. Although it may seem as though the pie is overflowing, it will bake down to the right level with some trial and error. 

Filling Before Baking

Filling Before Baking

Step 4, The Crumble Topping

A standard dutch apple pie is topped with a “crumb top.” As seen in the image below, the filling must completely cover the fruit as it acts like a shield in the oven to ensure that the fruit does not burn (a lesson I learned from a burnt pie). The topping must contain the right combination and amount of spice as it will, melt, caramelize, and become a part of the filling. TIP: place the pie on a foil lined baking sheet for easy clean up and to avoid dirtying the oven!

Pre Baked Dutch Apple Pie

Pre-Baked Dutch Apple Pie

Step 5, Baking the Pie

Baking is a science. Every element must come together perfectly to make a successful product. With this being said, the combination of multiple recipes creates problems and time to perfect. While in the oven it is important to watch the pie and not get distracted. once the filling is fork-tender and bubbling throughout, the pie is finished and ready to be cooled before sliced into. 

Finished Dutch Apple Pie

Sweet Erwyn’s Dutch Apple Pie

Step 6, Enjoy!

The pie is best served with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream. 

Step 7, What to do with Leftovers, You ask?

When making the pie with a culmination of recipes, the excess of materials is inevitable. But in this case, the extra scraps that normally result in product inventory loss turned into a new product! The leftover pie crust was cut into squares, filling was placed in the middle, and the mini hand pies were topped with another piece of square pie crust. The hand pies and then coated in egg wash and topped with Turbinado (raw) sugar, baked and ready for pie on the go!

Sweet Erwyn's Apple Hand Pies

Sweet Erwyn’s Apple Hand Pies


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