Terminology and Communication

As opposed to a majority of business classes, marketing is a class that devotes a large portion of its time to vocabulary. Learning and understanding marketing is equivalent to learning a new language entirely. With a large selection of new vocabulary terms to understand and conceptualize, marketing was a very daunting class. Many of the new terms were simply official names that could be applied to concepts that I came across in my daily life as a consumer, like promotion, segmentation, and sustainability.

One of the most helpful, yet challenging methods that allowed me to become more comfortable with the terminology was completing the case studies at the end of each chapter. Many of my peers looked at this weekly task as a ticket to some easy participation points, but I took them very seriously as I knew I would benefit from doing so. At the end of every chapter in our text there were case studies that correlated the content of the chapter to a real life company. Following the case study were questions that we would discuss in lecture that week. When responding to case studies I made sure to utilize the vocabulary in every chapter so that my grasp of the content would tighten. During class discussions I would take notes to further my understanding of the terms that I was confused on. When answering the questions on my own I would try and implement a learning strategy I learned in high school that emphasizes the repetition of the question in the answer. Doing this allowed me to communicate my ideas in presentations confidently and understand the terminology used in other presentations.


Below are the links to some of my Case Study Notes from various chapters in the text:

Chapter 5 Case Study Questions

Chapter 9 Case Questions

Chapter 14 Case Study


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