Marketing’s Role and Contribution

Marketing plays a key role in connecting the consumers with the organizations in society. As seen in the Red Bull Case Study and the practicum that are attached to this blog, marketing is the channel that connects and communicates information to consumers, and back to organizations. The role of marketing is to allow companies to communicate the value of their products or services to consumers. Also, through the collection of feedback, marketing teams are able to see the effectiveness of their marketing techniques and activities.

Also, marketing acts as a major influence on society. As seen in the PLC Stages tab, marketing has the ability to not only adapt to changes in society’s preferences, but also influence the decisions that consumers make. The different ways that marketers decide to utilize marketing techniques dictate the information that consumers can get their hands on. The text refers to the fad of “pet rocks” and how the marketing behind that product completely revolutionized society’s buying behavior for a period of time (Kotler & Armstrong, 2012). With the proper marketing tools and approach, a product, service, or company has the ability to new fads and trends for society.


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