Marketing Environment

One of the most impactful changes in the environment that affects marketing activities is the economic recession that our society is currently working its way out of. As a part of the macroenvironment, economics have a large determination of how marketing activities develop and must be altered over time.  A change in the economic environment affects the amount of money that consumer feel that they can spend on products. While developing our iProjector Marketing Plan it was key that we analyzed the environment of the market we were going to enter into. Although we created a product that was highly priced, we also figured out that regardless of a consumers’ economic status, they will find a way to buy a smartphone, especially an Apple iPhone. Apple altered their high end look in the recession by creating and effectively marketing the iPhone C, which is a lower cost version of the iPhone.  With a strong customer loyalty and brand recognition, Apple’s marketing team still needed to adjust their marketing techniques in order to accommodate the changing environment.

Also, the changing economic environment has a sizable impact on the marketing activities used by Apple. In our marketing plan we relied heavily on the current marketing tools that Apple implements currently, but as the technology advances, the marketing activities also need to be innovated. As opposed to its past focus on image and simplicity in its marketing, my group decided that a marketing campaign that focused directly on the innovation would increase sales. As the technology of everyday products like cellphones are rapidly changing, it is important that companies like Apple innovate their marketing activities to accommodate the changes that are being implemented into their products as well.


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