Marketing and Me, As a Consumer

Marketing is a part of every consumer’s life, including mine. Before taking the Business 306 class I thought of marketing as another branch of a business, but now I look at marketing as a tool that I can apply to every aspect of my life.

As a consumer, all of the information that I am fed are aspects of marketing. From the commercials I see on TV during my favorite shows to the billboards I see while I am driving around town, marketing is influencing my decisions constantly. When I am shopping with my mother and sister I can see how marketing affects different people in different ways. My mother and I tend to look for the items that are priced with value-added pricing, whereas my sister is enthralled packaging and clever marketing techniques. Whereas my mother and I have become more prone to find the traps in marketing, my sister falls into them as she is a trend and fad junkie.

In reverse correlation, the affect that marketing has on me can be reciprocated by the affect that I have on marketing. The buying behavior that I develop is not only shaped by the marketing around me, but also influences the marketing strategies that are used. As stated in our iProjector marketing plan, the way in which we shape our marketing strategies and objectives revolves around consumer preference and behavior. The sales fluctuate in different quarters due to purchase behavior, meaning marketers must increase their efforts and influence during those lulls. The short attention span of consumers, like me forces marketers to develop new products and find new, innovative, and intriguing ways to market them to the public. The relationship between marketing and consumers like me is a two-way street.


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