How Marketing Interacts with a Company

A company is composed of many different divisions that must work together in order to be the most successful entity that it can be. Throughout my college career so far I have taken many classes that have prepared me for this class. With my past experience in accounting classes, I was able to composed the financials that were needed to create our iProjector Marketing Plan. In the process of completing this class I have been able to see the interdependence between the marketing ten and the accounting team in a company. The accounting team is in charge of the finances and delegates a certain portion of the company’s money to marketing. Marketing then uses the funds to raise awareness of the products and increase sales which will increase the funds that the accounting team can allocate to other branches in the company.

In addition, the marketing team must work together with the manufacturing and production teams to know what features the products have and what will appeal to the customers. The first  step in writing our team marketing plan was to decide what product would be made. As the person who was assigned the task of describing how the product worked, I then gave my information and knowledge to my fellow group members. After hearing about the production and manufacturing, my team members were able to apply the appropriate marketing techniques and activities to ensure the most success, with the funds given. The marketing plan assignment allowed my group members and I to see the full spectrum of creating and marketing a product.


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