How Marketing Decisions are Made

The entire Business 306 class I took during the Fall 2013 semester was focused around the different marketing decisions and how they are made by different companies and for different products and services. Making marketing decisions is a process that must be developed and assessed over a long period of time. Before taking this class I was unaware of how extensive the decision process was. When developing the marketing plan for the iProjector, it was interesting to see the clash of different ideas and different approaches to making a cohesive decision. Decisions made about marketing must be cohesive and clear to the consumers to ensure that they get the message that is intended. A marketing decision must be made so that it will not only increase sales and profit, but will also remain ethical and promote a good image for a company. A marketing decision isn’t one that just says “Sell it!”; it must be thoughtful and the right mixture of cautious and risky.

Below is an image and trick to remember some of the key parts of the marketing decisions process:


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