Ethical and Global Issues

When it comes to marketing, it is important that ethics are upheld to avoid corruption.Unethical marketing practices are demonstrated by companies on a daily basis. One of the most saturated unethical marketing strategies in society today are seen by McDonald’s. McDonald’s is trying to penetrate the healthy lifestyle trends that are arising in society in today by promoting healthy options like salads and sides of apples for children. Although these are better options than french fries or giant burgers, the dressings on the salads have excessive numbers of calories and the freshness of the apple slices are more than questionable. McDonald’s marketing that is directed towards children in unethical in the sense that the company is marketing unhealthy food to children at a young age who do not have the appropriate knowledge to understand what harms McDonald’s food has on them. The unethical tactics along with the unhealthy food has a negative impact on the company’s image and future.

Similarly, companies have used the global issues around the world to better their own image through marketing activities. Below is a video that I saw in my Business 300 class and was released by P&G on its efforts to help impoverished nations better their water quality:

The company is addressing a global issue and at the same time using this marketing campaign to better its own image. Throughout the video the good actions are highlighted and the P&G logos and colors are littered throughout, using a positioning technique to get consumers to associate the company with good deeds. As discussed in my Business 300 class, the ethics behind this campaign are vague as we do not know what happens behind the scenes. It may seem as though the company is creating a greater good for impoverished nations who do not have access to clean water, but in reality we do not know if P&G is really being ethical or not.


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