Current Marketing Concepts, Strategies, and Techniques

Throughout the Fall 2013 semester, I was presented with many opportunities to see how current marketing concepts, strategies, and techniques have developed and changed to today’s norm. One of the most useful aspects of my Business 306 class was the case study questions that were assigned at the end of every chapter. The use of these case studies allowed me to get a short and quick look at several different companies and see how they market themselves. Current marketing techniques are different for every company and must keep up with the current trends and technology.

For example, Apple uses a very basic marketing strategy that focuses on the innovation and value of its products. Apple uses commercials and standard advertising to promote its products. On the other hand, Red Bull is known as one of the most innovative and successful gorilla marketers. The company relies heavily on its presence on college campuses and at sporting events to promote its products. Both companies have created an extremely brand loyal group of consumers but in two very different ways. Another example that applies directly to my life of changing marketing strategies comes from Starbucks Coffee. Just like Old Spice, Starbucks Coffee has needed to revamp its marketing to attract a new target audience who appreciate the atmosphere of their stores, as well as the products. Starbucks has jumped on the advertising band wagon and created more public ads than it has had in the past as well. Consumers are changing and so are the social trends, so marketers must adapt as well.


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