Costs and Benefits of Marketing


Due to the high level of manipulation that is involved in marketing, the level of cost is also high. One of the most relatable concepts that revolves around the costs of marketing is the accessibility of products and the reliance that consumers have formed on companies to provide for them. In my own personal opinion I believe that the reliance of consumers on companies is detrimental as it leads to an inability to provide for themselves. As mentioned in my Personal Growth tab, the increasing influence of marketing is creating a decline in society and the individuals who are being exposed to this intense bombardment of manipulation. An additional cost to society arises as companies feel the need to expand globally. Although global expansion can be beneficial at times, global expansion can also create unnecessary costs for a company as well. The presentation about EuroDisney’s failure in a foreign market was a great example of the cost that could have been avoided by improved marketing activities.


Marketing is not all bad, as it offers many benefits for society as well as those who are directly involved in the marketing process. Marketing can be used as a tool to promote a change in the human nature that positively impacts society. Many companies today, such as Walmart and Whole Foods Market, have used marketing techniques to encourage a sustainable future for their consumers as well as for their competitors. Rather than use marketing to corrupt their images and increase their profits, companies in today’s society are tending to promote ethical actions. Using Public Relations to create a positive image and boost their relationships with customers also create benefits from marketing activities. Companies using marketing activities that force them to become a part of society provide a huge benefit, as RedBull does with their marketing campaigns at colleges. A case study on Red Bull is included below:

BUS 306 Red Bull Questions


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