Blending in the Marketing Mix

After completing the Marketing Mix post, I believe that I have a very well developed understanding of how the 4 P’s and C’s work together to form a cohesive marketing mix. The different elements work together and play off of each other to create an image and strong foundation for a company and product or service. The image below is a quick summary of the post for those of you who have not seen it:

All of the different elements involved must work together to make a cohesive and justifiable message in the eyes of the consumers to ensure success for a company. When creating our marketing plan for iProjector, my group and I often found flaws in some of our mix elements. Creating a products is only the first step as the price, place, and promotion must be appropriate for the product so that consumers will feel justified in making the purchase. When creating an iPhone with a built-in projection feature it was important that we placed it in target markets that would appreciate the technological advancements that were implemented. It was also important that we kept Apple’s standard prices so that we did not scare off the Apple loyal consumers who have bought products in the past. Finally, we had to pay specific attention to the promotion element as it is how you attract consumers and communicate the value of your product to them. Without the proper promotion, the iProjector feature would have been lost in a sea of other Apple branded products.


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