Mid Semester Challenges

Facing Challenges Head On

As an upper division business student, I have found that the classes my peers and I are enrolled in are extremely challenging and difficult. We are often pushed to the limit and frequently must not only understand concepts, but apply them to real life situations as well. For me, the challenges I face usually arise in the process of understanding how the concepts correlate and work together. I am finding after every class discussion that I am getting better and better at applying the concepts in the real world. Using this blog to analyze the different concepts showed me where I excel in understanding concepts, and where I feel can improve as well.

CBDP Difficulties

One of the most challenging concepts for me in this blog was the consumer buyer decision process. The reason I found this concept to be challenging is because it is a marketing tool that is used in every purchase decision I make on a daily basis. When I think about the purchases I make, I do not think there is more to it than satisfying a need or want. Applying all of the subcategories within each category of this concept proved to be difficult for me because it encouraged a lot of critical thinking for basic everyday activities that are often mindless in my opinion. Instead of approaching this topic lightly, I chose to analyze it very deeply and go into every aspect of the consumer and the decision process. Doing this not only made it more clear for the reader, but I feel it increased my personal knowledge and comprehension as well. I also found myself rereading the chapter in the book and looking for online explanations of concepts that I did not fully understand in order to clarify my thoughts.

Marketing Mix and iProjector

When completing our market analysis, my group members and I found it challenging to appropriately address every aspect of the marketing mix. Applying the 4 P’s to our idea became challenging because we did not fully understand the range of facets that the marketing mix needed to address. My group selected a product that would be made under the umbrella of the widely successful company, Apple. This decision created challenges as well as already established building blocks for us to work with. Rather than address the topics that were challenging first, my group members and I chose to address the marketing mix elements that would be defined for our product by Apple. Doing so allowed us to better understand how a company uses the marketing mix in real life. Choosing a product that is sold through a largely successful retailer like Apple was helpful and difficult at the same time, but I believe that my group did a good job of addressing our challenges and persevering.

Group Work

The final challenge that I would like to address is not a marketing concept, but the way in which marketing concepts made group work difficult. Working in a group with five different people is bound to lead to issues. Challenges with logistics as well as fundamentals occurred throughout the group work times. Specifically, my group found it very difficult to find time to meet. Five different people with five different schedules creates problems when it comes to finding times that our group could get together all at once. Upon physically meeting, my group often times ran into issues of fundamentals as well. Every person interprets information differently (as explained in Consumer Buyer Decision Process page), which made it difficult for my group member and I to agree on what certain concepts meant to our product. Many times group members sacrificed their own beliefs to agree with the majority of the group, but we often combined all of our understandings together and then applied it to our product.


This course has proved to be very beneficial but challenging at the same time. I believe that the challenges presented in this class make my peers and I not only better students, but better individuals in society. The students who chose to learn from challenges and better their own understandings of concepts that challenge them will be better off in the long run, in this class and in the real world as well. Using critical thinking and the integration of multiple opinions are the tools that I use to make sure that I can not only understand the concepts taught in the Fundamentals of Marketing, but apply them to the real world around me as well.


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